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Originally Posted by gts
I think suns fans are taking the critics handed shaqs way to's not that he's with the suns he gets blasted, it's because he's an old worn out guy that is not going to replace what the suns lost in marion... it would be the same with any team that picked up shaq in trade for the second most important player on the team...if shaq was traded to say the spurs for ginobli i'd say the same thing... if he got traded to the knicks for curry then i'd say good move...
it's not the suns/teams per se it's the players and talent level involved
1. I have no problem with the critics. Its just that people are critizing too much in places where critisicm doesnt belong. Reading the Celtics/Suns game thread disgusted me. It was all about how the Celtics lost rather than the Suns winning.

2. Marion was not the Suns 2nd most important player. Lets not kid ourselves.
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