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Originally Posted by crisoner
LOL...Statman...rarely see bashing of the Lakers? Come on now....that like 80% of the posts on these boards.

But being a Laker fan you just got to get use to it. It's been that way for a long time....and it's because we win and we are the Lakers period.

Right when we lost to the Spurs in the playoffs in 03 you wouldn't believe the bashing on the boards. And of course I expected it because of the threepeat etc. And after losing to Detroit in the NBA Finals in can never hear the end of it. Then the fall out started and all these people started claiming their views of Kobe and the Lakers were truth (Kobe can never win without Shaq etc.)

And lets say we do win...these same people will still talk the same sh*t...and come up praising Gasol...or we cheated to get Gasol...or the refs didn't call this foul and that etc. It will never end....I call them broken records cause they say the same stuff all the time. And believe...Ive been on these boards for 8 years now...different h8ters with the same agenda. Might be the same people with different names....but ill name them.

In 99 it was the guy with the sn swizzbeats
In 2000 - 2001 it was TexasBatman
2001 - 2003 KP...he made a whole family thread (Anti Laker Fam) to hating the Lakers
From 03 until 05 or 06 aLLaRouNdPlaya
From 03 and sometimes now when ever the Laker lose etc....Knoeitawl

All the same really. They hate Kobe...complain about Kobe groupies destroying the boards (funny when they talk about Kobe more then your average Laker fan). Hated Shaq...but when he left treat Shaq as a saint. Always compare Kobe to Jordan while claiming they hate when the "gr0upies" do that. Claim they have superior basketball knowledge when all they do is talk about how much they hate Kobe and the Lakers. And the one funny thing....they never say or even talk about the team they root for or like.
Maybe it's because they are busy talking about the Lakers and "you know who" 24-7.

So thats about it. The Lakers generate so much hate we have loyal people who come on these boards just to talk about how much they hate us all the time. And you know what...they are to blind to see it...but that is a HUGE sign of respect. If we are getting hated on these board like that....we must be doing something right!!!


I said Suns fans bashing the Lakers. You dont see much of that on ISH.

Most of the hate shouldnt be seen as a sign of respect. I dont hate guys like you/gts/sizz/frank/ld/socal/freak/picc. Its guys like Kappy/NewYorkUscTrogon/Konex/DKLaker/others that piss me off. They are doing nothing right and shouldnt be commended for there actions. I would think that the majority of good Lakers fans would admit that there are ALOT of Lakers trolls. I know there are also Jordan/Anti Kobe trolls that I cant stand but they at least stay out of most Suns threads so I dont have to deal with them.
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