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Originally Posted by statman32
My problem with all this conversation lately is most Lakers fans made up there mind about the trade before Shaq even played a game. It was obvious the Suns needed time to gel but Lakers fans want to come to conclusions after 5 games(tough 5 games.)

Just stating my opinion on the Shaq trade. It was a bad trade. Period. Marion WAS the second most important player on the Suns no matter what anyone wants to say about it. At least third if you want to put Stoudamire in the argument. Shaq would be ok but I don't think he can put the minutes in to be able to really help the Suns that much. And Diaw is way too inconsistent to take over Marion's spot. I get blasted every time I say it. I don't care, because it is my opinion. Shaq may prove me wrong but I have my doubts. If he does, I will admit my OPINION was wrong. I would think 1-3 since the trade vs 9 in a row for the Lakers means the Lakers trade was FAR better than the Suns trade. It took Gasol no time at all to blend in. Shaq is a veteran. If he was capable of blending in it shouldn't take him a week, two weeks or a month or longer to do it. Again, it is my opinion so it can be taken with a grain of salt.

Hey it says that kids in the park dunk on me which means I am fairly new to the Lakers and NBA forums, so I am kind of feeling my way along right now. I have been a Laker fan since about 1969 when the Jerry West led Lakers kept losing to the Celtics. Therefore my hatred for the Celtics goes back a LONG WAY.

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