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Default Gangsta, gangsta!!!

.....C'mon man,
Is there is any doubt this is something I'd die for,
It's primal that I sustain my survival,
Done sonned loco MC's off the vocals,
I guess you could say I've been ordained since my arrival,
Achieved too much to believe,
Done explored each of the 7 seas,
F*cked b*tches that you've never seen,
From Italian who marveled at the medallion to Japanese who used my pole to striptease...I do this sh*t with too much ease,
From the B's to the C's we both stay hated and degraded,
Howeva you make it, homie....I'm gang affiliated,
From my true Blue's to my flamin Piru's....we live a life based on crews and jewels,
I got mine's....crime a byprodect of my heavy grind,
This my time, man,
I mean...BLOOD is my sign, fam,
My set is tatted on the neck for yo b*tchass to check,
GMC is what I rep from birth to death,
Never talk in jest,
Just given you this gangsta sh*t at yo request,
With that,
I'm strappin up the vest...mic in my left hand with the right holding the tech,
Now who the f*ck want next......
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