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Thunder it DOWN, Dion!
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.....What's up with all this flack,
Anytime a young jack drop some insane smack...hater's want to label him a white kid trying to be black,
So let me get this right...if I'm black trying to act I attempting to be white?,
You gives a f*ck?
If I'm tight...I'm tight,
And what I write is right then jump aboard and feel the hype,
Cause my range has no end,
Even when I'm tired that's when the workout begins,
So as long as the pen don't get bent,
I'ma continue to shine cause my flow is radiant...and the canary's look brilliant while the bank account stays in the millions,
If you need me,
I'll send you a postcard from my French chateau in Vermillion,
With Juelz's permission,
I'm telling you I'm really "what the game's been missing",
And I'm not "kidding" like that Jacko the Wacko,
But I will smoke ya like tabacco,
Watch how I create space between my competitors like a black hole,
Split sh*t like the fastball of Hideo Nomo,
So pleeeeze get off me,
Or I'ma leave ya high strung like coffee or outcasted like got me?
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