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Originally Posted by Technical Lead
has anyone ever thought that maybe some people like live better than 2k and some people like 2k better than live because everyone has their own preference? You keep insulting people who does not think the same way you do. Does this help your cause? I don't think so.

anyway, i played live and 2k each year and i always end up playing live the most. A lot of people say that it's arcady and easy to score ala And 1. Have you guys actually played around with the game sliders? If you have, i dont understand why you dont just adjust the sliders to a level of your liking? If you want tough competition, then work with the sliders. If you want And1 ballin, then just use the default.

Sometimes, people tend to feel that if you disagree with them, that means you are wrong. well, it's not. It just means we are human and we have our unique preferences. So, going back to the topic, nba live rocks.

you shouldnt have to mess with the sliders. And when you do that it causes confusion because every1 has different sliders.
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