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Default Re: Using Smith to rest LeBron more

That's original. You and Meticode good buddies now? Idiots flock together. That's good to know.
We're not GOOD buddies, but i like that line.

You idiots have no idea wtf is going on at almost any point in the season if it isn't something you can find on google or some dunk you saw on t.v. but you run your mouths endlessly.
Actually i do. If you look at the gamethread i posted that we're STILL the no. 1 seed and they STILL have 1 more loss than us. And i never posts dunks nor highlights.

Why don't you shut your f*cking mouths and absorb some information and learn something about basketball, hmm?
because im the fukcing thread starter and i probably know more about b-ball than you.

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