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Default Re: Using Smith to rest LeBron more

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Lets chill with the talk about people taking meds and what not.

I think it's obvious that some people here don't get along with one another, for whatever reason. Lets just try to keep the discussion on topic. Obviously, people will have disagreements, but I see all this outside stuff being brought in that has little to do with the topic at hand. If there is anything I can do better, lemme know. I'm far from perfect in moderating this sub-forum. If I do delete posts and lock/delete threads, please feel free to PM me if you are confused as to why. I'll answer everytime. Please, no nasty PM's or anything like that. I do the best I can, and don't do anything due to any personal vendettas.

I think you need to take a page out of GTS's book like he does on the Lakers board and just delete useless posts on site.

You know my stance. I never give a crap if someone insults me as long as they have a logical argument behind their complaint. But look at this thread. Gibson posts an article. I point out the absurdity of the article, giving a logical reason as to why it makes no sense, and the rest of the thread is just personal attacks with no basketball knowledge or logic behind them.

Is there a way for you to look at posts that were deleted in case someone asks why? It wouldn't take much extra effort on your part to keep a document file on your desktop and just cut and paste the messages you delete in case someone comes back asking why?

Then again, who cares? You're the mod. Do your thing.

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