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Default Someone just dropped Kemba Walker...

Should I pick up Kemba Walker or Brook Lopez with #3 waiver?

Kyle Lowry (Hou - PG)
Dwyane Wade (Mia - PG,SG)
DJ Augustin (Cha - PG)
Danilo Gallinari (Den - SF)
Dirk Nowiziki (Dal - PF)
Rudy Gay (Mem - SF,PF)
Ryan Anderson (Orl - PF,C)
Greg Monroe (Det - C)
Marc Gasol (Mem - C)
Roy Hibbert (Ind - C)
Elton Brand (Phi - PF,C)
Danny Granger (Ind - SF,PF)
Drew Gooden (Mil - PF,C)

as you can see I am very heavy at the PF,C position which is why I am thinking about it whats your opinion?
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