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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-13 Teams

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Partizan can play in Belgrade Arena I could get more sponsors but no way that budget will be more than 5-6 , it will probably be same like this year . Today Todoric ( BC Partizan sport director ) said that Armani has better chances to get the licence so Partizan wont get it but no one here takes him sereusly because a lot of times when he says something wont happen it happens . As for Spartak I alsow heard that its between them and Partizan for licence not them and Partizan but I dont know what site got it wright . I think EL needs to help contries that are bad in basketball but not by giving them direct place in EL . For example I heard that Partizan , PAO , CSKA and Barcelona are going to play in a turnament in Dubai ( Obradovic is there so he probably organised it ) to make basketball more popular there . But it would be better if they played in more cities and more countries like Hungary , Great Britain , Sweden , Portugal , Ukrain so in futur basketball can get more popular there and so they can have some good teams in future . EL needs more money and they cant get it if richer countries have bad teams and dont care aboute basketball , with more money players will stay in Europe and wont go to the NBA .

Earlier, Euroleague was saying that clubs had to maintain a 10 million euros budget to have a contract. That's why I wondered about Partizan getting a contract. It also makes me wonder about Prokom. They used to have a decent budget, but not anymore.

So if that is true, then it means Milano would be the club that actually gets the contract.
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