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Default Re: Week 13 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
With Ryan Broyles playing like he is, and Titus Young being the douche bag that he is, I would love to see TY off the Lions. He has no future in the NFL if he can't do anything with these ridiculous antics.

In an interview with the press on Thursday he refused to talk about the past, even when the media asked him questions like "How will you work to improve your relationship with the Lions organization". What a tool.

Yeah, if all this is true he has to go or this team will self destruct worse than they already are. Young is acting like a diva without the bonafide numbers and ability of a top flight wideout. What an idiot. Broyles is better than him, so good luck to him for ever seeing the field again for meaningful plays in a Lion uniform.
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