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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

had an injury last year that kept me out for 3 months.

once i got back on the court i was in really bad shape and it has taken me a while to drop the excess weight (gained like 25 lbs, wasnt aloud to run, lift, anything!)

The past 2 months i've made more progress than all the other months combined. I'm 6'2, weighed 200 the first time I exercised after my surgery, now I'm at 180, in the past 2 months I lost 7 lbs alone.

Had a back problem 2 months ago and had to do corrective exercises, since then I've gotten my bounce back, really have focused on only bodyweight exercises (pullups, dips, pushups etc) and core strengthening. Next step to get back in the gym starting from scratch.
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