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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Just realized that I've been chronically undereating literally 90% of the days these past 2 years. No wonder my deadlift blasted up to 415 within less than 9 months and then stalled for months... Time to up the calories big time. 5 meals or bust. Commuting and work interfere though.

If I have to I'll chug down olive oil with OJ. Take on extra helpings of whatever. No more fukks given about abs.

Time to become a motherfukking Marine. Six months left. Enough of this excuse bullsh!t.

Three day split with minimal equipment.

1) Pistol Squat 4 Sets. Max Reps.
2) Handstand Pushups. 4 Sets. Max Reps
3) Hindu Pushups. 4 sets*Max
4) Hamstring Curls with Ball or imitation Ham Glute Raise. 4 sets.
5) That Side Plank thing for the delts

1) One Arm Pushup
2) Tigerbend Pushup + Bodyweight Skullcrusher ghetto version
3) Fist Wide Pushup
4) Leg Lifts
5) Janda Sit Up
6) RKC Plank
7) Russian Ballet Hip Thrust
8) Run

Run a few sprints. Perfect form uphill
1) One Arm Chin UPs (Not real one arm) + Straight Bar Dips
2) Wide grip pull ups
3) Chin ups
4) Hanging Leg Raises
5) Standing Board Jumps

Hill Sprints * 5 or so
Jump Rope (Double Under and speed footwork) in interval sessions

Let's go. MUST. GET. DRESS. BLUES. Long way off but anythings possible.

Congrats on joining the Corp, I've just recently signed a SEAL contract. I ship out in August.
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