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Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
All this talk about arm day made me want to do squats.

Here's a vid of me doing a double on the Front Squat:

My PR was 195 back in August but I didn't squat for around 4 months and I lost some of my feel for it. Wrking back up and hope to get it up to 205 at the very least within the next 4 weeks.
For a while I was on a running kick and didn't lift for a good two months. Started a program again about a month and a half ago and question why I overstepped. I'm back to back-squatting 365 x 5 while my other lifts are going up as well. I'm a big dude 220-230lbs so it's not very impressive but it feels good.

Thing is that I liked running as well and as I've been saying the past year (but haven't done) I want to get down to 200-210. I need to find a happy medium for strength training and losing weight. If anyone has ideas feel free to share
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