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If Kobe leaves the lakers,

What the hell is the whole motherfukcing point of bringing in JO????

I mean quite honestly.....You might as well just go on the whole 6 year fukcing plan where we go under the salaryfukcingcap and assume Lebron becomes a free agent in 5 years when we can then afford his choking unclutch ass.

Honestly Jerry, Johnny, Jimmy......Quit fukcing fooling yourselves with this O'Neal trade because it wont redeem your sins of trading away the greatest scorer probably PERIOD.

You might as well Keep Andrew Bynum, LO, and superstar in your eyes Kwame Brown and go on to miss the playoffs for the next 6 years and probably 20 assuming Jimmy Buss doesn't die.

If you haven't already traded for O'Neal, please dont waste your fukcing time with this. Oh God, Why the **** don't they have other NBA teams televised in CA so I can watch them instead.
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