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Default Re: LeBron, Mayo, Or Kobe?

Originally Posted by YAWN
stop hating for no reason, its annoying.

oh and when something is over .5 youre supposed to average up. he did 7.6. thus you should say 8 points.

Playing behind an all star guard. Itd be like sasha vujacic or whoever the lakers back up sg is. maurice evans or someone?

It's not called hating. If Kobe was more NBA ready, he would have averaged more than 7 (or 8) points a game regardless of how talented the 96-97 Lakers team was. It's not called hating if all I'm saying is that Lebron was more NBA ready in his rookie season than Kobe was in his rookie season. Doesn't mean I'm trying to say that Lebron's better though. I think Kobe's the better player at this point. So to say that I'm being a ***** is innacurate.
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