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Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
why would you ever want to play ball in low cut shoes?

in my humble opinion, the low cut suppose to free the ankles from the high cut binds so you can break someone's ankle freely, suddenly, and more flexible...

actually i wore the ZK1, ZK2, ZK3, hyperdunk Kobe ed., and the ZK4...
and i'm a SG...
these shoes has some advantages of their own

these are the criterias for me
Best Ankle Support : ZK3
Best Cushioning : ZK1 n ZK2
Best lightweight : Hyperdunk
Best to stop and go : ZK2
Best for crossover and break some ankles : ZK4
Best support to jumpers (fade away, pull up, etc) : ZK2 n ZK4
Best for sprint : ZK4

my suggestion is pick the shoes that suit best in your game style...

just wait till the ZK5 launched then buy it, then feel it,...

i believe the ZK5's characteristic is not to far away from the ZK4

so have a nice day mates...
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