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ya boy Jeezy already apologized

He smartened up after he stormed outta that studio...

I heard that sh*t on the radio saturday night and I was not sure who was talking sh*t...

he tried to play Monie love out too like she wasnt up on what hip-hop was about... Monie Love was part of native tongues... that chick definitely knows what hip hop is. these young f*ck rappers these days dont even act like they know who was rapping before they got in the game and f*cked it up

Good thing he snapped outta that fantasy he was living in because he was definitely out of pocket when he started yapping about Nas not being from the street..

Jeezy proved he dont know what hip-hop is really about when he started asking if Nas stay bussing his guns.. he even said Nas aint from the streets if he roll back the tape and listen to himself he'll understand why people think Hip-hop is dead...

He sounded almost as dumb as the franchise boys when they punk asses caught feelings over Nas new album...

there's a song on the album...hope or something like that, and Nas explains what he meant by the title of the song and it sounds like its directed right at garbage ass rappers like Jeezy and franchise boys... booty MCs know who they are and thats why they getting their booty ass feathers ruffled.. because a legend just shined some light on these roaches and they fear they wont be able to eat no more crumbs off the table if these lights stay on..

As far as lil Wayne's stupid ass:

He must have bumped his head or something because he has lost his mind.. I thought he was on Jay-Z nuts not too long ago? Now he's mad at jay and yappin about being better? he must be crazy..

the saddest part of the whole thing is that it seems like dipset is gassin him up and sending him at hov like a crash test dummy....

and he even went ya boy skateboard P.... I dont care what no-body say skateboard P is a cool cat...He's wierd in a way, but he stay making hot tracks....

Weez is yappin about bape or whatever.....sounding like a diplomat puppet saying no homo.

wayne is gonna fall
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