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Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Are you honestly that stupid or just extremely insecure when it comes to Rose? I simply said does his 7 or 8 assists a game directly make him responsible for it like you implied. So because he makes a pass to Boozer Rose get's credit for it, and not Boozer who actually scores the bucket?. What about a Dwight Howard block the leads to a transition bucket? Or a Dwayne Wade forced turnover eventually leading to a Miami bucket? Do they get a certain % of the offense production because of that?.

Read my original post. No hate towards Rose what so ever. No hate towards anything besides the statement that PPG + APG = % of the offense. Maybe if your 12 and reading a boxscore but anybody with a brain would realize how flawed that logic truly is.

Seriously. Since you believe in doing that for Rose. Let's do the same for Stockton vs Jordan\Barkely\Hakeem. I'll be waiting on your response.
You're absolutely right. We aren't even including when Rose will drive into the lane, collapse the defense, and pass to Bogans who will pass to Deng for an open 3. We are shortchanging the man.

Assists and scoring are direct lines to points scored for your team and it's especially relevant when we're talking about a PG. It's indicative to how effective he runs the offense.

But yeah, I'm absolutely interested in how Stockton/Jordan breakdown. Let me know what you find out.
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