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Default Re: NBA 2K Vent Thread

1. Shot clock cheese
2. The AI of your teammates. I'm getting double teamed at the top and marc gasol stands at the 3pt line...
3. The ability of the CPU. Playing on HOF shouldn't feel like playing against Team USA. Perkins shouldn't be able to hit ANY jumper outside 1 feet of the basket.
4. Offensive rebounding.
5. Those leaning lay up animation bullsh*t
6. Either remove the signature skills all together to or make more of them so that they actually replicate real life abilities, and in the latter make it so you can buy more slots for sig skills/
7. Make those players who can shoot 3pters actually shoot the damn ball when they are open... fking pisses me off so much.
8. The stamina issue... it's too much, every single game my bigs will get tired with 6min still left to go in the 4th whilst only playing like 30 minutes the whole game and they don't help defensively nor offensively it's ridiculous. People like Noah is capable of playing 48 minutes a night if he had to...
9. The AI always playing perfect defense, whilst everytime you go for a block its a foul.
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