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Default Re: I feel sorry for Jeremy Lamb

Originally Posted by Nash
Bump, OKC sent him to the D-League. This is so sad, poor Lamb. He went from being one of the more interesting rookies with Houston to the D-league with OKC.

Rookies should get the time they need to develop with bad teams and not good teams. I bet this wasn't what he was expecting when he was ballin' with Houston in the pre season.

I truly feel bad for him.

He's going to develop. It's up to him to continue to get better, not the team playing him minutes. Lots of rookies/players don't get better with more playin time. At the core, Lamb is what he is, and that's a player not worthy of getting minutes over Martin.

Now it's up to him to get better. He can do so in the D League and by himself, getting in the gym and working on his game.

He's a great contingency plan if Martin ends up not resigning.
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