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Default Re: Anthony Bennett = Best player in this draft and ROY

Originally Posted by chips93
i think kawhis position was a pretty big question mark coming out of college. he played power forward in college, was a beast on the boards, and didnt show much perimeter ability. he just had a great body and athleticism for a sf

bennett seems like the exact opposite. he might have the skillset to play sf, but probably not the athleticism (in terms of quickness)
The reason Kawhi slipped in the draft was probably the fact that he was absolutely built to play SF in the NBA, but just hadn't done it. I still say it was pretty obvious that was going to be his position in the NBA, out of necessity if nothing else. Bennett is completely different in that regard... Pretty much the opposite. I don't hear many voices saying he will be able to be a full-time wing.

Here's the first paragraph on Kawhi in DraftExpress' write-up heading into the draft:

The top ranked wing on our Big Board, Kawhi Leonard's stock is based primarily on his physical attributes, defensive abilities, and upside, so it's not a huge surprise that he doesn't fare very well from a purely statistical standpoint. His profile strongly indicates that he's destined to play a complimentary role in the NBA, at least in his first few seasons.
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