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Default Re: Question about White/Black issue

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Yeah I'm American.

How old were you when you came over from Africa?

How was it possible?

Could you speak English?

What was it like first coming to America?

If you were old enough what are the main differences from Africa to the USA?

Just curious.

I was 11

My family got a VISA and flew over here

Not really but I knew little tid bits; Cameroon is a bilingual country. The main languages are French and English. I lived in the French part so I was fluent in French and not very good in English.

It was hella sick; paved roads, muffins, grapes, amusement parks ... The first week here was the greatest week of my life to that point.

We were middle class so we didn't have it that bad. My grandparents lived in the village and I visited them sometimes. THere were mud homes, sorcerers, the killing of chickens by twisting their necks ... the whole shbang

Curiosity killed the cat; by the way I just hexed you.
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