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Default Ranking Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and the 25 best NBA players under 25

T23. Andrew Wiggins
Minnesota Timberwolves
Wiggins is trending down when it comes to this list. A year ago the small forward was ranked No. 11. While Wiggins has a career average of 20 PPG, he has continued to regress this season in rebounding (4.1), assists (1.7), 3-point shooting (33.1 percent) and true shooting (51 percent). He is also on pace for a career low in win shares (1.57). With a $146 million rookie extension set to begin in July, one would hope that Wiggins' development this season would justify his contract. -- Marks

T23. Kyle Kuzma
Los Angeles Lakers

A draft steal, Kuzma is helping the Lakers space the floor by shooting 37.3 percent on catch-and-shoot 3s on 4.5 attempts per game, according to NBA Advanced Stats. His defense is suspect (minus-2.09 defensive RPM, worst among power forwards this season). However, he's versatile enough on offense to develop into a deadly pick-and-roll screener, and maybe even a strong ball handler in 4-5 actions.

T25. Myles Turner
Indiana Pacers
All-Star Victor Oladipo (who, at 25, is too old to be eligible for this list) jumped ahead of Turner in the Indiana pecking order. Still, Turner's ability to stretch the floor (36 percent 3-point shooting) at 6-foot-11 has been valuable to the Pacers' offense. According to Second Spectrum data, the Pacers average 1.01 points per pick-and-roll when Turner is the screener, as compared to 0.92 points with any other player. Add in the NBA's third-best block percentage and you've got a promising secondary piece. -- Pelton

T25. Dario Saric
Philadelphia 76ers
Simmons and Embiid have garnered the national attention, but Saric continues to be the most consistent 76ers player this season. Saric's durability (missing only two games in two seasons), high basketball IQ and overall skill level stand out -- especially for a player who is 6-foot-10. Saric is also on pace to shoot 45 percent from the field, 39 percent from 3 and 90 percent from the line, an accomplishment more common for a guard. -- Marks


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