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Default Re: Dragic comes up big, late in Suns victory

after his first summer league game i thought robin myt of actually been showing some real development in this new season but since that first game hes been so damn avg and to be honest so has basically everyone on the suns summer league roster.
No one has stood out to me as showing signs of massive improvement for this series. and dnt say dragic, hes played one good game in the summer league so far and went 1 from bout 11 in first 2 games and had the **** swatted out of him in game 2 to lose it for the suns.

Earl clark has been abit disapointing aswell, his double double was good but hes not dominating like id hope he would be. If he cant dominate at this level of competition, hes gonna struggle in the proper season.
have alook at alot of the other first round picks for other teams thru this summer league and they are dominating like earl should be doing
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