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Default Re: Why is Joakim Noah a Top 10 prospect?

I hate how the entire world is on his nuts. if he does ANYTHING, the announcers will gush about how much of a competitor he is. um what about the fact that his teammates are the ones doing all the work and all he does is set screens, pass to them, and block a few shots. his teammates are the ones rebounding and scoring and playing team D. and he gets the credit. and he's the top 5 draft choice. I really don't get it. does anyone seriously think this guy is going to carry their team one day? he doesn't have any fking SKILLS... I think that's a prerequisite. ugliest shot I've ever seen, no post moves, way too skinny. I think he's a terrific glue guy, pretty much the best glue guy known to man but this is a deep, talented draft class and you gotta go for more than that.
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