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Default Re: Lakers dodge a bullett with Turkoglu signing?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Right now value wise, Hedo > Lamar.

Portland won't offer Lamar that contract. What worries me is them signing Shawn Marion.

Yup, they will probably get Shawn Marion now (or they will throw everything they have at Odom with money going up each of the next few seasons - dum move tho). They can offer Marion the most money for a championship contending team. IMO, I think Portland will be almost as good with Marion as they would have been with Hedo (only advantage Hedo has is better 3pt shot + better ball-handling skills).

Also for other doods - don't be underrating Portland now. Just because the Lakers have a better team doesn't mean anything. The Lakers usually have LOTS and LOTS of trouble against Portland in Portland. In the playoffs, anything is possible. All Portland has to do is win one game in LA, and they have a shot at taking over the entire series.. A lot of it comes down to matchups in the playoffs (and even regular season a lot of times) so just because LA is better team means little. I mean lets just look at the Lakers/Bobcats matchup - Lakers are a much better team than Bobcats, yet they beat us pretty bad last season (even tho it was reg season).

Anyways, Portland will be one of those teams that will give the Lakers a scare for the next few seasons as they get better and better. I think the Lakers have a very good chance of forming a rivalry with them. Actually, there might already be a small rivalry since Portland usually play really hard against the Lakers when they roll into town, and the crowd gets pretty insane. Yeah, you can say the same for other teams too, but there is just something that I see when Portland/Lakers play each-other that I see in rivalries (I dunno what - maybe just the hype and lots of hustle plays by each teams).

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