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Default Re: NYC food suggestions

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
Wow. Didn't know you were going to Queens. Sripaphai is one the best Thai restaurants in the country. There's a Thai temple over there, so the area is filled with Thai restaurants aimed at Thai customers, you get good authentic stuff. (In one of the smaller ones, the waiter would not let order it spicy, even after I tried to explain to him that I had eaten in a lot of other places in that neighborhood and I knew what "Thai spicy" meant. [btw, that's how you order, if you don't want to tame it down.] He wouldn't believe me and told me he would make it "Manhattan style.")

Ironically, however, I don't think the noodles are Sripraphai's strong suit. Their pork dishes are incredible. The pickled pork appetizer alone is worth making a return trip. My rule of thumb is if the place has pork on the menu, it's probably more of a Northern Thai place and thus get the pork and stay away from the noodles. Bangkok-style Thai places tend to be stronger on the noodles and seafood. (Fish sauce is the special ingredient that makes Pad Thai taste so good.) If a place has pork on the menu, I usually get the larb which is minced pork with lime juice, chiles, mint and herbs. So good. Green Papaya salad is another good Thai dish to try.

On that same block is a tiny Mom and Pop place that is also great. (I'm also in love the waitress there.)

Other recommendations I would make are

Chinese soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai.
They have an midtown place and a Chinatown place. Steamed dumplings that when you bite into them have this rich pork broth inside. They give you big flat spoon and the way to eat them is to bite the dumpling and let the broth fill up the spoon and then slurp that before eating the dumpling part.

Spicy lamb dishes at
Super, super cheap take-out place featured food from a place in China near Russian. The handpulled noodles and the lamb "burger" are both must tries. Good place to go if you want to save money for dinner. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try the Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Cold Salad which I've never had, but it's a good story to tell when you get back home.

Coal oven pizza
It's much, much better than regular gas oven pizza. The coal cooks at about 900 degrees Farenheit, so the crust gets really good flavor. You can go to Lombari's in Little Italy which is the oldest pizzeria in the US, so they have history on their side and they still turn out a good pie or you can go to Luzzo's in the East Village which is fairly new. They are my favorite pizza in the city. Both places are pie-only no slices.

Japanese Ramen.
NYC is undergoing a bit of a Ramen explosion. I recommend momofuku in the East Village.

Jewish appetizing and deli.
Russ and Daughters for a bagel and lox sandwhiches. You may want to pick up stuff here to bring home. I really like this sandwich

Down the Street is Katz's deli which has the best pastrami sandwiches in NY. They are crazy overstuffed and one sandwich easily feeds two.

Texas Barbecue.
NY has been getting some pretty good Austin style barbecue lately. This is barbecue with

A. no sauce
B sold meat-market style. The price is per pound and you go up to a counter and order it.

Hill Country in Chelsea is really good. The beef ribs are insane. There's also live music in the basement at night. Usually no cover charge.

If you want to be super up to the minute, you can go to Briskettown in South Williamsburg. Just opened a couple of weeks ago. Small place and they have sold out within 3 hours almost every night.

Also NYC has a gigantic food blogging contingent, so if you have a smart phone, you can fight the right place to eat anywhere you are.

PM me if you want other ideas.

Nice. Bookmarking for my next NYC trip.
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