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Default Re: Thibs. what the Hell...

Originally Posted by Crystallas
We have 3 rookies.

Of all the issues, most of them will take care of of themselves. The minute distribution problem.... ugh, yes. It continues to be worrisome.

But some of the development might not blossom until the end of the season, or even next season. That is just the reality that we are dealing with. Three rookies and a sensitive rehab with the star player.

Here's the things I'd do:

Reduce butlers minutes to 30-32 minutes a game by playing mirotic 5 minutes there and mcdermott/Snell.

Reduce Gasol minutes and play mirotic next to gibson and Noah more.

Reduce hinrich minutes to around 15-18, by playing Brooks with rose and give Moore 5 minutes a game.

That's about it.

I think our number one priority should be to make mirotic a feature part of our rotation now. He is playing like he has adjusted to the nba game and will only get better. I don't want to see him playing less than 20 minutes a game, even if that means reducing Noah and Gasol minutes.

Brooks needs to play more and hinrich needs to play less. Won't happen because hinrich is Thibs guy.

Need to try and get mcdermott and Snells confidence up. Even if it is to play them substantial minutes over a 10 Game period to see how they develop. Let them make mistakes, it will help keep players fresh and get the whole team ready for end of season. Snell can certainly be instrumental in relief defense on lebron in the playoffs. He has some decent man defense. McDermott needs his confidence to kick in. I'd consider starting him for 10 games and try get him going.
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