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Default Kareem Hunt or Ezekiel Elliot - who will have a better career?

Zeke gets a ton of hype because he plays in Dallas... and most of it's justified.. but Kareem Hunt is the real deal. He's special. And what I like most is he's not an attention seeking jackass like Zeke. He's mature and poised. Think LT and David Johnson.

This game was no fluke. Kareem Hunt was always a special player but playing at Toledo you just don't get the same recognition or respect. Great for the Chiefs, sucks for everybody else.

Elliot is a bit faster, and more explosive. But I think Hunt will be better after contact and average more YPC.

This season and going forward, Kareem Hunt will be better than Ezekial Elliot and will have a better career. I could see Elliot flaming out due to off the field issues or just flatout losing discipline. Hunt is much more reliable IMO and is a rare talent.

The 2017 draft for the Chiefs will go down as one of the greatest ever.
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