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Default Re: No Love in Denver, No Problem

Originally Posted by Geandily
You're the dumbest poster on these forums and you're the one calling other people retarded? Remember when you thought that George Karl was a good coach because we were winning a bunch of games? Why do you never eat your crow huh buddy?

Karl is a scumbag coach that plays favorites and the proof is in the stats. Karl loves +/- and Carter, who always has the worst +/- on the team just gets more and more minutes. Balkman who, when he got playing time was amazing in the +/- column.

Karl preaches 3 things:

Cutting to the Basket on Offense
Running the Fastbreak

Balkman is the best player on our team at doing all 3 of those things and yet he never gets to play. If Balkman was 32 years old and cut the turkey at thanksgiving he would play every single game. Karl is an immature ogre of a man, I actually have dreams of him getting fired.

I dont eat crow cuz i'm never wrong?

If i ever saw you around denver i'd make you eat **** though.
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