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Default Re: Xavier Henry Might Be Decommiting Soon

Originally Posted by Posterize246
And what kind of promises could Self not be keeping before Xavier's even on campus?
This question. It smells extremely fishy. I mean, why can`t a kid just go to college without getting all sorts of benefits? The NCAA should crack down on this sort of nepotism, just knock the **** out of it. Like just throw kids out of schools, fine the **** out of schools and coaches, make it stop.

So I ask the same question, what sort of promises were made, and are they the sort that are allowed under NCAA regulations?

BTW, this is the exact kind of **** that is going to come with Lance Stephenson to whatever school he goes to. Schools and coaches are just as guilty as the players and their leech-like mentors/agents/parents, they should not be willing to violate NCAA regulations and take this kind of **** from recruits, but they do because they will be fired if they don`t win, and they need top recruits to win.
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