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Default Re: does it bother u that your gfs viriginity lost to someone else rather than u?

Originally Posted by Stephen_H
A man used to expect his wife to be a virgin. The feminists/Marxists have seen to it that this is now considered laughable.

Quite amazing what can be accomplished in just 2 generations of brainwashing and all other forms of modern social engineering.

With the rise of the birth control pill, abortion and condoms women can now slut it up at will! This is now seen as normal. Up is now down.

With divorce being an accepted part of society, women no longer need to submit to their man. Couple this no-fault divorce/alimony with the fact that women now dominate the work force and you have a disaster on your hands (from a family perspective).

Women have created a hypergamous utopia! They can pursue alpha males while extracting subsidization from beta males without any reciprocal obligations to them.

But hey why should I care?! Maybe I should just get in on the party while Rome collapses around us!

Wake up you damn fools.

I hope for your own sake this is a gimmick you're playing. Anyway, boring and old, straight to ignore.
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