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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

based on these recent threads, it looks like the one thing that REALLY bothers you wingnuts is when someone out-of-country challenges your right to bear the arms you want to. i mean, for god's sake... how dare they??

in the end, this is all looks remarkably like thinly-disguised racism and bigotry when someone tests you too much on your own flaccid argument. i mean, it would be one thing if one of these gun-worshippers in the videos actually had a valid, rational point to make that led to the logical improvement of society and modern life. but NO... again it's more like:

- piers morgan (or foreign asshole of the moment) sketches out the viable end-situation of a community of children being empowered to carry around assault rifles in the near-future.

- billy-bob murikan responds with the usual "hain't never seen that happen 'round here!" line... unless of course it actually just happened (read the news), in which case he'll add "man, that stuff was kee-razy!, but you know that was really all some random dude's doing. cuz you can't pin crazy on jest one man, mister city slicker lawyer-man!"

result? piers morgan was "owned" by someone who would, in most other countries, be laboring in ditches and angrily mumbling under their breath all day long.

and the final clue? the fact that the anti-morgan, pro-gun thread just before this one got plenty of replies challenging your views, so you wingnuts performed the usual time-honored fire drill... i.e., you scattered like ants, waited a little while, and now try to reassemble a new anthill and a new thread as if nothing ever happened.
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