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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
Stop trying so hard man, its embarrassing

Oh wait, I didn't realize using a keyboard and shit IDK, typing somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-100 WPM it'd take me, oh IDK, a quick minute or two. Oh but wait, you play the "you try too hard" card. Anyone with the slightest message board etiquette or intelligence, knows a statement such as "you try too hard" translates into a surefire InsideHoops dumb as shit dildo iprobably fits all different stereotypes I can think of, or whatever.

No one's trying too hard though. I mean hell, I know you'd love to believe that, but what you say isn't the slightest in the ballpark of anything that remotely resembles reality. You're like the Easter Bunny lost trying to mate with polar bears in Greenland. You should have picked Blanka in Street Fighter II. He's so much higher tier. Look guys, taking so much brain power to write complete bullshit!

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