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Default Re: Eminem vs. the Illuminati

Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo

Watch this series, known as the arrival series. You are a fool if you do not believe this, it is very simple to comprehend really. The world is corrupt, the illuminati tries to get into your subconscious, this is their main goal, you wont notice it although it comes into subconsciously and stays with you.

To those who would like to quote me and call me an idiot, don't, I am doing this to give you a chance to see what this shit really is and if you do not want to take advantage of this opportunity, then just go on with your night and disregard ever reading this post.

Although if you do believe, even somewhat, take a look at the series I posted. It is a 47 episode series and the stuff on their is very informative, and very interesting. Don't try watching it all at once (for it is too long and might be too much) and don't think TOO much about it for it could drive you into insanity or just plain out disbelief. This shit is creepy and ****ed up, but thats life, thats just how it is. Watching this though will at least make you aware of whats wrong with society, and thats all that the creator of the video wants. to make you aware. Also, after watching the series (or just some of it like the main parts) you will start noticing these symbols and subliminal shit everywhere, and as I said before it is good to be aware of what is around you.

wow.... surprising post here.
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