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Default Re: Melo is the league's leading scorer

Originally Posted by NewYorkNoPicks
What does 1 or 2 more ppg have to do with definitively annointing one player a better scorer than another?

It's actually 3 ppg for their entire career. That's not a difference of one or two 50 point games....that's a difference of 3000+ points over their equal tenures in the league, and accounting for LeBron's extra 40 games in the regular season, that's still a 2000 point difference for an equal amount of games played by each. 2000 points...that's a full season's worth of scoring that LeBron has over Melo in an equal amount of games. All of a sudden seems like quite a bit huh?

Having 1 more 50 point game? Things like this are trivial and mean nothing.
Like I said earlier, it's not 1 more 50 point's one more season of 25 ppg. A full season of 25 ppg is the difference between their scoring in an equal amount of games.

David Robinson had a 71 point game once, is he a better scorer than Hakeem who rarely if ever scored 50? Cmon brah...

This isn't a case of LeBron has a higher career high in points than Melo (though he does), it's a case of higher career ppg, higher career points (by 3000 points), more scoring titles, and even better efficiency while doing it. You can't really argue against something that compelling and expect to make a good point.

3000 more career points, better FG%, eFG% and TS% (take your pick of which one you like) and higher playoff scoring average.
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