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Default Re: Melo is the league's leading scorer

Originally Posted by RRR3
Btw he wouldnt have been good enough yet to score that much when he was a bench player and Shaq didn't really affect Kobes PPG the way some act like, which outside of 2005-06 and (to a lesser extent) 06-07 has stayed around the same area more or less.

Yeah, he wouldn't be elite right away, but around 1999-2000 or 2000-2001... He should have been scoring much more. No reason he shouldn't, unless he does have more scoring options on another hypothetical team.

I don't believe Shaq got in his way either. Post 2000, I thought Kobe actually scored pretty damn close to Shaq (ignoring efficiency off course; not like you can be more efficient that Shaq from the field anyways).
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