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Default Re: Suns talking trade for Kirilenko, Odom, or Gasol?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Sorry, but I'd still take Marion. We can't afford to have Odom only bring it during the playoffs only. He costs us way too much in the regular season.

By the way all that stuff you said about playmaking, making easy shots, crossovers....Odom still doesn't do any of that.

Let me tell you what Odom is good at:
Missing layups
Missing open jumpers
Slowing down the offense with stupid decisions
Never passes the ball to the center
Never cuts after passing

He doesn't do anything right. Sorry. He can rebound and hide in an offense.

Odom is not a good triangle player. He's better off in pheonix where he can pass and help rebound, but he isn't going to score there.

Lamar is a great Triangle player, I believe that mr Phil Jackson can agree on this one.
If you want to talk about stats, Marion is avg 16 points. He is a third option right? behind Stat? and who else nash? The pass first PG himself.
Lamar is a 2nd option to mr. 44 shot attempts himself. And I feel that Bynum is becoming our 2nd option with lamar taking the 3rd option share with Fish.
And we do have a better record than the suns.

Lamar doesnt cut when he passes the ball? what? Lamar cuts so much, and they dont give him the ball. The only time he doesnt really cut is when he passes the ball to kobe. Thats because it then becomes an iso play. Or when he gives it to Bynum. And thats so he has space to operate.

You said lamar doesn't pass to centers??? are you serious? Lamar passes to everyone. Maybe not as much this year because he is just having trouble getting into a rhythm.

Lamar does make layups, he has missed like 2 easy ones lately, but really who doesnt miss layups? Kobe has missed one this year. And dont get me started with Dfish. This guy DOES not make all of his layups. Nor does luke, or any other laker. Nobody is perfect.

Those jumpshots that he misses, is becaus he takes them when he is not feeling the game and playing out of Rhythm. They mainly come from the 3 point line.

"Slowing down the offense with stupid decisions" - Can you explain this please
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