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Default Re: Suns talking trade for Kirilenko, Odom, or Gasol?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Well you must have been watching the good times bro because his FG % isn't as generous as you are.

If we sign Chris Webber, Start turiaf at the 4 and have webber back him up its not that difficult to decide.

No he doesn't pass to centers. He's always doing what the triangle calls a lag pass and nothing more. He doesn't do anything creative with the ball. He isn't playmaking for sh!t and definitely isn't making the offense run at all.

Marion owned us today. You can accept it, or continue to pray that Odom suddenly becomes a 20/12 player.

Did you not see the dimes he was giving kwame? I love kwame, but I hate him at the same time. The reason I said that his health was part of the reason for him missing dunks is because last night I saw him not jumping very high and he wasnt getting enough lift from those legs of his. Marion owned us? all he did was get fatbreak buckets, and easy buckets. Diaw was killin us softly'. So was barbosa but marion? he played well against us but owning us is a bit overdoing it
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