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Default Re: Is this a rivalry?

Originally Posted by bokes15
It may sound strange but I honestly don't feel like the Nets vs. the Raptors is a rivalry. In the past, there has never been any bad blood between the two teams, nobody has gotten into a fight, this is their first playoff meeting, it hasn't been heated at any time. Yes, there's the whole Vince Carter thing, but that's about the fans. Most of the players on the Raptors never even played with Vince and nobody has a personal vendetta against him. And vice versa, none of the nets players have a specific problem with anyone on the Raptors. They all just say, "we wanna help Vince win." So in short, for me, this doesn't at all feel like a rivalry but rather just two competetive teams trying to win it for their respective franchises. Is it just me?

Vince does not really trash talk in the media nor I don't think he does much on the court. He sometimes too friendly on the court much to the dismay of the fans of the team he is playing for. Certainly seen it in when he played for Toronto and I believe some Nets fans criticized him earlier in the year regarding that.

Usually you need a guy or two from each team talking trash. Not any of that up to now. Closest to any pushing or fights was one incident last night where Calderon and Kidd exchanged some heated looks after Calderon drove to the basket and Kidd received a foul and an other being Humphries and Moore battling and pushing which resulted in a foul on Humphries after a shot had gone in for the Nets.

Probably it is more of a rivalry in the minds of the Raptor fans than it is for the Net fans.
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