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Default Re: Is this a rivalry?

Originally Posted by InsideLane
How can you say that there hasn't been any bad blood or fight??
If I can remember last year when VC slapped Mo-Pete in the face then Mo slapped him back and got tossed... Toronto got ripped off in that deal for VC, that's why we (the raps) don't like New jersey. I consider this a rivalry..

This was a playfull slap by Vince; not so playful slap back by Mo Pete who was into the game and had his game face on (Vince does not have a game face a lot of the time). As I stated in my other comments one of the things that drove Raptor fans crazy; he was too friendly on the court. And ironically his stupid friendliness comes back to haunt Toronto again when Mo Pete was thrown out of the game because the referree did not see the whole incident and gives him a quick 2nd technical.

For Raptor fans its more of a rivalry.

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