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Default Re: LA Times: Kobe and Buss meet in Spain. Kobe wants out...

Originally Posted by ZHAKIDD532
ESPN is taking this really seriously, they really think this could happen. They seemed to think it was going to be Chicago. And if it is, for their sake, they better be relentless in asking for Deng and Gordon plus more. They got absolutely jipped last time because they didn't push hard enough for DWade...

Espn will milk any story to get attention. Everyone knows how many pieces Chicago has talent wise plus the 9th pick. So there are the one team that could swing a deal for Kobe and it actually work for both teams. Unlike Phx where L.A simply wont move him there. Too much hype is made of this...Kobe will be a Laker and we should be lookin at other rumors as far as who is coming to L.A to play with Kobe (JO).
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