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Default Re: LA Times: Kobe and Buss meet in Spain. Kobe wants out...

Originally Posted by GOBB
He's using his star status and power to force mgmt hand in trying to bring in quality players. After him campaigining for guyd Lakers passed over for lesser talent or not trading away unproven talent (Bynum). Kobe didnt say or do much until now. Now he is making serious demands, threats to make L.A do all they can to bring in guys he feel he can win with. If they do that Kobe will stay, if they dont and next seasons roster looks the same if not a few minor changes he wants out. Thats how you read Kobe's drama. People more caught up with the flip flopping then the actual tactic he is using which a lot of players/athletes have used.

Even MJ forced Krause hand and Krause gave in. I remember Kemp for Pippen (not sure what else was included but they were the main attraction) was a serious trade rumor. That never happened...I wonder why? Could MJ have said something? I also think when Krause and Phil were at odds MJ says PHil goes I go. Correct me if I'm wrong? Not even to use MJ all the time but lots of players demand change or to be traded. They too flip flop but fans get the point, the meaning. Yet with Kobe its different? Eh, in order for serious change to occur Kobe has to force Buss hand. The way to do it is to make these serious threats.

this is exactly correct. Kobe has talked to mgmt behind closed doors. they tell him one thing. then he learns they told PJax something else. He wants to win NOW. do you blame him for not being like KG? waiting and waiting? screw that. win NOW.
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