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Default Re: New Video Released for Bart Shooting Footage (With Audio)

okay so I watched it again twice and now I am convinced he did not try and grab for his tazer. When you use your tazer you HAVE to make sure the other officers are out of the way and not touching the the person you are going to taze. That officer pulled his weapon and immediately shot. That right there was clearly murder. the chances of the wires hitting another officer that close is really unlikely but you have to have to have to call the other officers back and out of the way just for the sake of officer safety. not only that but the way the tazer holster is set up is backwards of that of a hand gun. meaning the gun is designed for your strong hand to reach straight down and to pull out, the tazer is designed for your STRONG HAND (again the strong hand never the weak hand) to reach across your body and to pull it out. so that means the butt of your weapon is facing outwards.
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