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Originally Posted by b4ball
Roko was pissed last night. After the second turnover and Jay called the time out Roko went to the bench and one of his team mates (I don't remember who it was) tried to talk to him. He brushed the team mate off and anger was in his eyes.

I liked that. Real emotion about screwing up, something we haven't seen from enough Raptors this year. He knew he screwed up and aknowledged it with his anger, and from that the young man learns.

The first year is the toughest for a european point guard, and Roko's learning curve is no diferent. I look forward to seeing him play more because he brings so many things Joses can't. This tandem are an execellent duo.

Know we just have to give them time.

As long as his anger was directed at himself and not the coach....
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