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Default Re: Randy's Movie Recommendation

Originally Posted by funkylikemonkey
What school are you going to?

I went to the University of Colorado in Boulder but their program is more experimental and avant-garde filmmaking which really turned me off so I went searching for a more professional film school.

I had a dream on the 4th of June that told me to transfer so i looked online and found this place: I have no idea how I never saw this school before but somehow I knew I was supposed to go there. I took a tour on Monday the 6th, loved it and knew it was for me, so I signed up for two summer classes that started the next day, the 7th. I got the last opening there was in the class; had I waited just one day to take my tour I never would've gotten into the classes.

It all feels like some divine plan is in motion to lead me here so I can be the next Spielberg. Sounds kind of gay, I know.

Are you interested in filmmaking or something?
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