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Default Re: Rate Leonard's 4th quarter play these Finals

Originally Posted by 3ball
1. MJ
2. Wilt
3. Bird
4. Magic
5. Kobe
6. Kareem
7. Shaq
8. Russell
9. Duncan
10) Durant
11) Hakeem
12) Kawhi
13) Bob Pettit
14) Moses
15) Dirk
Nearly all these players had better teams given equal or worse casts except a couple guys who had better casts (Russell, Magic, Kareem), but better stats, accolades, and/or winning
Please go jump of a cliff.

Originally Posted by 3ball
He saved Lebron.. so did ray
Dad killer without Pippen never made it past the first round. The ball hogging cancer was getting eviscerated and making the PO's on joke 30 win teams.
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