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Default Re: Shaq vs Yao Ming, first meeting

Originally Posted by Shogon
Whilst the eye test is a very important in conjunction with analyzing stats, Kobe Bryant's career is proof positive that the eye test lies.

When you hit as many game winning shots as he did, and he did hit a lot of them... it makes people believe you're something you aren't... which in his case, was clutch.

He was definitely fearless and therefore I wouldn't mind him having the ball as opposed to a lot of guys that tense up in those moments, but Kobe wasn't some clutch God.

He missed an absolute shit ton of game winners over the years... WAYYYYYYY more than he made.

But, as it turns out, nostalgia often leads you down the path of remembering the good times, thus creating a false perception, in this case.

Kobe is the most overrated clutch player in the history of the NBA.


Posted some clutch stats for the playoffs, and I decided to do some more.

I was criticized for using five minutes and margin of five, people also told me to add playmaking as part of the equation.

I do admit creating for your teammates is a huge factor in clutch situations, so I decided to add assists per 36 and turnovers per 36.

"Clutch" is 2 minutes left with margin of 3 in playoffs,

I will be only talking about Lebron and Kobe, considering these two were heads and shoulders beyond everyone else for their efficiency and volume.



He is 40/106 in clutch situation
His free throw shooting is 49/67
True Shooting is, 49.8%
Assist per 36: 4.2 assists
Turnovers per 36: 4.2 turnovers


He is 40/96 in clutch situations.
His free throw shooting is 67/79
His true shooting is 58 %
Assists per 36: 4.3 assists
Turnovers per 36: 1.7 turnovers

Finals: Last 2 minutes, margin of 3.


He is 4/23 in clutch situations
His free throw shooting is 10/14
His true shooting is 31%
Assists per 36: 3.7 assists
TO per 36: 3.7 TO


He is 10/20 in clutch situations
His free throw shooting is 4/5
His true shooting is 56.4%
Assists per 36: 7.5 assists
TO per 36: 1.5 TO

Finals: Last 5 minutes, margin of 5.


17/62 in clutch situations in the finals.
32% EFG
43% TS.
Assists per 36: 4.26
TO per 36: 3.1


28/63 in clutch situations in the finals.
46% EFG
53% TS.
Assists per 36: 3.6
TO per 36: 1.08
Tbh, I wasn't surprised about the field goals considering Kobe is the much better shooter in the playoffs, but I was shocked to see Kobe as the better playmaker and distributor in crunch time.
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