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Originally Posted by Bruinlove
Answer little guy, why do you seek messageboard approval and acceptance so desperately?

I'd love to see you refer to me as a "little guy." in public.

6'3" 210 (Heart skipped a beat didn't it, chump? )

I don't seek approval or liking, I spit the truth and my personality the way it ARE.

I've been a huge fan of basketball, and I was playing some horse with Big Al and Pierce, when a guy with a trenchcoat, shades, and one of those classic berets comez in looking like he meanz business.

Initial impression was to ignore, but he came right on to the court.

He approached the players and held out the card with three letters in a Gothic Font ... "I .... S .... H" Underneath lay a URL, a phone number, a couple of namez etc.

I'm an avid watcher of the Matrix, and the non-religious concept of destiny, so I thought this would be my "White Rabbit."

Since then I'm convinced that it wuz fate that I join this site and revitalize, repair, and redeem it back to itz days of glory, as the man instructed to do so.

It iz not approval, or acceptance; but a job. A very significant one.
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